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Oriental rugs are an ancient art form, spreading across Central Asia and countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, China, and Russia. What is interesting to know is that these distinct weaving techniques, materials used and patterns of the rugs are not just random creations. Different tribes and different regions produce their own distinctive types of rugs that can be easily identified by their characteristic traits.
Rye Rug & Flooring has been serving Oriental Rugs in the sea coast area of New Hampshire (a tax-free state), Massachusetts and Maine since 2001. The company traces its roots to loom based Oriental Rugs since its inception, but it has expanded into a range of floor covering products, such as, Hard Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Tiles and Pure Woolen and Synthetic Carpeting (commercial and residential) with a professional installation service.
Our Oriental Rug business model is based on direct import. It eliminates the middleman to provide cheaper rugs to our valued customers. As a result, our Oriental Rugs are guaranteed to be 20-50% cheaper than the market. We have unique designs in our inventory that are not made for anyone else in the world.
We also provide in-house hand washing for your Oriental Rugs with enzyme treatment and moth proofing. We also repair damaged rugs and restore them to their original condition. Our Van mounted steam-washing machine can clean carpet flooring, stone floors, tiles and grout. We are currently providing 20% off on quality hand washing on your rugs.

Our rug collection is distinct as we bring you a classic selection of handpicked oriental rugs from India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal and Iran. Each of these rugs which are like an heirloom for us, are carefully chosen and vetted. They are all one-of-a-kind and would add life to your household! Because our team rigorously studies the lifestyle trends, there’s a constant innovation in the collection of our handmade rugs. We take pride in our hand knotted rugs coming from the finest craftsmanship.

Our goal is to offer our clients a wide selection of various kinds of rugs along with no compromise on the quality. Our outstanding services are extended to the clients long after they make a purchase and we also offer in-house premium hand washing and repair services. Trust and integrity are the guiding principles that have helped our company to excel over the last 40 years. If you are an Interior Designer, in the furniture, flooring or upholstery business, a real estate agent or home-stager, a collector of antiques or fine arts, or perhaps an auctioneer – the Master Rug Weavers would love to work with you. We collaborate with so many businesses and have built some magnificent relationships with clients in our years of business.

At Master Rug Weavers, you’ll come across beautiful pieces that will last for a lifetime! Because we have eliminated the role of any middlemen, we offer our clients unbeatable prices. We also specialize in making custom made rugs of your desired design, shape and color. To take a look at our masterpieces and get to know us better, visit us at our gallery:

137 Lafayette Rd. (Route:1)

Rye, NH 03870

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Rye Rug Flooring provide the most extraordinary selection of oriental rugs offering a wide array of colors, design, styles and shapes all under one roof.


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